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Video Production

Here at March Forward Media, we realise the importance of video content and have industry standard equipment and editing software to produce expert footage.

Video is arguably the most valuable form of content for any new or existing online marketing campaign with aims to boost audience engagement and brand awareness. As the most engaging and captivating form of content, video is proven to dramatically improve purchase intent and brand association by eliciting emotional responses and connecting with your consumers on another level. There is huge value in employing online video, from both a social media and SEO perspective as well as improving brand affinity. Videos bring additional share-ability to your content as well as helping you to gain trust from your customers via a visual and professional representation of you and your brand.


Working with international and national businesses & organisations, we specialise in compelling, film & animation marketing content.

How will video work for your business?

Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools out there, yet there are so many businesses who believe that video isn’t suitable for them or their brand. The truth is, anyone can use video to their advantage, regardless of what product or service you are looking to promote!

What are the benefits of video?

Having an engaging video on your website & social media outlets helps your business stand out from the online crowd and is the perfect way to translate who you are as a company. Videos are proven to increase conversions and sales, and given you have the right content, your video is bound to achieve the very same. Finally, many businesses are ‘put off’ investing in a video as they believe they are too expensive and time-consuming to produce, that’s where we come in.


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